Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Fairy tale: Sneaky Black Riding Hood

Sneaky Black Riding HoodOnce upon a time on a sunny day a puny, little wolf  joyfully strolled through the woods to her grandma’s house. Little wolf heard a strange slashing as she walked along. Sneaky black riding hood suspiciously eyed little wolf while she sneakily made a short- cut  to Grandma’s house. Grandma wolf  was inside her house gently knitting a dainty jumper for little wolf when she heard the door slam on it’s hinges. As soon as Sneaky Black Riding hood stepped into the knitting room Grandma Wolf shrieked in terror. Grandma Wolf was too petrified to move so Sneaky Black Riding hood evilly tied her up in the stinky attic. Little wolf picked- out some pretty flowers to make Grandma Wolf feel pleasant and then trotted along to grandma’s doorway. Little wolf noticed the wooden door slightly opened. Little wolf stared at the door knob in total confusion. “HELP!” yelled Little Wolf’s grandma while the sound pierced Sneaky black riding hood’s ears. Little wolf felt butterflies crazily flutter around in her stomach. She walked through the door confidently and sighed in relief when she saw the normal living room of her Grandma but she didn’t notice she was getting ambushed by SNAP! Sneaky black riding hood wrongly trapped Little Wolf in her hands and gobbled her up. Little wolf’s grandma dissolved in tears when Sneaky Black Riding hood wickedly rubbed her tummy. There was a break of silence and then SLAM! A tall sturdy man bolted through the door. Sneaky black riding hood moved quickly and pointed her knife towards Grandma and slashed it but in a split second the wood chopper whacks the knife and it hits Sneaky black riding hood’s stomach which frees little wolf and painfully killed Sneaky black riding hood.THE END

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